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« The on-site restaurant boasts local ingredients—such as lentils that come from the volcanic plateau and green beans from the lodge’s bio-garden. »


"Timeless rare moments"

Food and wine pairing

(3 glasses)

75 €

Restaurant open : Wednesday to Sunday evenings, 7.30pm to 9pm, by prior reservation.

Dining with awareness

Here, we invite you to savour. Because, well beyond eating, the intention of pleasure and vitality that precedes form and dinnertime is, for us, vital.

Our invitation at the table is to immerse yourselves, with all your senses awake, to slowly (re)connect with what’s essential, by gradually nourishing yourselves with what’s essential.

At the heart of this intention, there are surprises that we’ve had in store for you for years… from the Happiness Dinner to the 5 Flavours Dinner direct from the greenhouse… But, shhh!

Dinner at the Chalet-Grill

A few minutes’ walk… and between lake, volcano and mountain, your gaze wanders far and wide, undeniably drawn to the Plomb du Cantal. A desire for freedom, a thirst for simplicity. The chalet d’estives… another place dedicated to timeless rare moments in a belvedere setting.

It’s a convivial place for dinner, a dinner that’s not quite like any other, even if our small producers also bring their meats and cheeses here. And while there are no frills, the dishes nevertheless have the flavour of a mountain rooted in the south of the Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne. In the heart of the Pinatelle massif.

Evenings available depending on the weather.

Our resources

A garden to experience the living, the vibrant, by reconnecting with the Earth: this is the purpose of this space, which is part of the continuity of the kitchen and the restaurant. Designed in connection with the Elements, it is as much about inspiration as it is about production for the time of the dinner… from the here and now to the hope it conveys for tomorrow, to accompany us collectively on the path of gratitude towards this Earth that nourishes us, in every sense of the word.

When we come to connect the courgettes or strawberry plants to the Gaujacq Plant Music Sensor in order to extract the secret melody and connect with the inaudible, it is to the Sacred that we suggest you reconnect, by gathering an emotion that will precede the culinary emotion.

Designed by Myfood, the greenhouse has the same ambition of making us rethink cooking, from resources to recipes.

Wild Dinner

For a few years now, we’ve been surprising our guests with a different kind of dinner… in the wild! A local-style dinner (where you might discover pounti and truffade), on the shores of another mountain lake that you’ll reach on foot with a guide, giving you the opportunity to observe nature on the way. Get back under the stars for more observations. A favourite moment for our guests.

But as to whether it will be part of your holiday, shhh! we’ll keep it a surprise.

Quality source water

Water, a real subject. At the ecolodge, it comes from a spring and is of the highest quality, supplying both the Spa and the restaurant. We wanted to make the most of this essential resource. At the table, as well as still water from the tap with no chlorine taste, we also offer you our sparkling water, carbonated on site.

And because we know how lucky we are to enjoy spring water, we decided to have it analysed to find out about its properties. Unsurprisingly, it has very little mineral content, but we found it interesting to check that, like all bottled water, it contains calcium, magnesium…

Light evening meal

At a long shared table or on the lakeside terrace, you can enjoy a light meal every evening. Plates of garden-smoked meat or fish, local cheeses, vegetable terrines, soups and compotes are suggested daily for a simple dinner.

An offer specially designed for Escape holidays.

« Calme is to be had in abundance. The farmhouse is surrounded by forested parkland and the 12 rooms are furnished with pinewood tables and rough-luxe fabrics (virgin wool, alpaca, leather…). »

(Travel + Leisure)

The very flavour of the ecolodge is to invite you to reconnect with nature.
Nature? High plateaux and wide open spaces will make you feel protected, in conjunction with our deep desire to make you feel more aware and sensitive towards Nature.

Isn’t connecting with the land the final link in the soul of an ecolodge, reminiscent of African farms and their highly naturalistic approach ?
Our ultimate wish, for absolute luxury: to make you feel and understand deep inside how close nature brings us to our own human nature… while reconnecting us with our inner child.

Would you like to live this transformative experience?
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  • Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, except during school holidays.
  • Available for stays only (minimum 2 nights).
  • Pets are not allowed in order to preserve these wild spaces.