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The luxury of Nature exhuberance


Immersive – Po-ethical – Transformative

More than just a place to stay, « instants d’Absolu » Ecolodge & Spa aims to be the link in an eco-conscious, demanding, cheerful and caring community.

A refuge dedicated to frequent travellers and the “epi-curious” ones in search of the good life, our home was born of our desire to (re)give travel, and life by the boomerang effect, its power to inspire wonder.

In the heart of the Pinatelle forest, we wish to initiate new dreams, realistic utopias that have nature as a strong, structuring axis, open up distant horizons… and suddenly, inhabit the world po-ethically, under the knowing gaze of the red kite.

Our promise to you

A rare place to experience a peaceful world, inspired by nature… Inspiring by nature. An oasis of peace, collectively joyful, knowing how to preserve times of solitude, where we find the creator, the artist in Ourselves, a dynamic breathed by artists and naturalists in residence.

It’s a time and place that reinvents the tourist experience, offering an authentic journey as close as possible to nature and to our own beautiful, serene, benevolent and joyful human nature.

A prestigious


in Cantal,


An exceptional

natural site


Wow stays

The po-ethics

of travel,



Wellness, the bridge


Spa and restaurant

for pure rejuvenation

Inspired (Junior) Suites
& escape rooms

There are many ways to experience these highlands, but always the luxury of wide open spaces.

In Slow mode, with no need to go far, the Evasion room becomes a simple retreat.

For those nostalgic for African-style lodges, an artist’s (Junior) Suite signed by a dye plant from our immediate environment awaits you, a genuine “in-between world” punctuated by refined « gastronomadic » dinners, inspired by travel, as close to our lands as possible.

« You wonder why I’ve made my home in the woods on the mountain,
and I smile and keep silent, and even my soul is silent.
It lives in another world that belongs to no one.
The peach tree is in bloom, the river is flowing
. »

Li Po (Taoist poet – 701-762)

Savour with conscience

Here, we invite you to savour… because the intention of pleasure and vitality that precedes form and dinnertime is, for us, vital.

At the heart of this intention, there are surprises that we’ll (perhaps) have in store for you… from a dinner of shared happiness to intimate tastings in the greenhouse, from a hypnotic evening for the epi-curious to escapes at Lac Sauvages… But, shhh!

We invite you to contemplate, soak up and recharge your batteries, slowly reconnecting with what’s essential, nourishing yourself little by little with what’s essential. What is precisely essential? The simple flavours of fresh, seasonal produce for a cuisine that’s both pleasurable and vital.

Recharge your batteries intensely

In the Boreal Spa, we invite you to tune in to the symphony of Life. Immerse yourself in our rejuvenating bath: the vibration of sound (underwater sound waves) accompanies this unique experience, as does chromotherapy or colour vibration. The wide-open spaces are part of this purifying bath for both body and soul, which can be enjoyed while contemplating the herons and egrets that soar around you.

Beyond the access to the sauna, to the barrel steam room and the meditation area, where you can recharge your batteries, including mental wellness, the thala-source® offers you a time of holistic well-being in the mirror of these volcanic highlands.

Passport to wonder

As the « centre of gravity of the Pinatelle Massif », the Lac du Pêcher is set there like a rough diamond… in the heart of an area dotted with peat bogs and volcanic peaks. Soon, it’s time to discover the magical setting of Frau de Collanges and the Lac Sauvages of summer pastures, where, depending on the season, you can eat at the little inn of the same name. Along the way, watch crested lapwings and grebes from the shelter of the observatory.

Other dreamlike walks will take you through the 4 seasons, through a variety of environments dotted with hamlets, here to discover a picturesque chapel with a combed steeple… further on, a couple of potters and a jam-maker inviting you to take a break: gentian sorbet or else bilberries, meadowsweet?

Your hosts

« To design their French ecolodge, Laurence COSTA & Daniel SIEGEL, the owners and frequent travellers, were inspired by African lodges: comfortable, authentic accommodation in the middle of nowhere, with the luxury of space. » – ELLE magazine

Lovers of nature and wide open spaces, Laurence & Daniel discovered the Lac du Pêcher site at the same time as they were dreaming of an ecolodge on its shores, in a former Templar house converted into a farm… before this new destiny. She has a passion for unspoilt spaces and confides: ‘The raw nature of the Masai Mara in Kenya moved me, awakening in me this deep-seated search for a connection with Nature. Iceland and a foray into Greenland fuelled this desire for original spaces that offer so many life lessons to be shared.

Born in Megève, Daniel grew up with a passion for mountain running and a taste for the seasons. Music and his friends would surely have held him back had he not found at Lac du Pêcher the original harmony that invites you to make a fresh start.

They will take you on a journey through the heart of this bountiful natural environment and, on request, concoct exclusive hand-crafted holidays based around nature, art, well-being and our fundamental health.

Last but not least : for your seminar

A real bubble of oxygen for a nature-based seminar in the heart of France, “instants d’Absolu” has for over a decade established itself as a new, unusual and eco-responsible approach, offering a space far from the noise of the world and the magic of nature at its best.

Close to Clermont-Ferrand (one hour to the south) and Lyon (-3 hours away), we also welcome the high end houses in Paris, by rail, with the option of completing the journey by electrically-assisted bicycle.

This is the perfect opportunity to create a tailor-made break in the Auvergne’w wilderness, with time to work in the meeting room and a smart lunch on the grass, or even a guided outing in the forest. The organisation of team-building activities to bond the team, time to share with local stakeholders (in particular for an animal inventory) and dinner on the high plateau are all ingredients for an original, exotic and inspiring seminar.

« Calme is to be had in abundance. The farmhouse is surrounded by forested parkland and the 12 rooms are furnished with pinewood tables and rough-luxe fabrics (virgin wool, alpaca, leather…). »

(Travel + Leisure)

The very flavour of the ecolodge is to invite you to reconnect with nature.
Nature? High plateaux and wide open spaces will make you feel protected, in conjunction with our deep desire to make you feel more aware and sensitive towards Nature.

Isn’t connecting with the land the final link in the soul of an ecolodge, reminiscent of African farms and their highly naturalistic approach ?
Our ultimate wish, for absolute luxury: to make you feel and understand deep inside how close nature brings us to our own human nature… while reconnecting us with our inner child.

Would you like to live this transformative experience?
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  • Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, except during school holidays.
  • Available for stays only (minimum 2 nights).
  • Pets are not allowed in order to preserve these wild spaces.