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Energy harmonisation path

Since the dawn of time, human beings have been able to perceive the special radiance of certain places, beyond what our usual five senses can hear. It’s striking that megaliths, churches and cathedrals have often been built one after the other in the same place over the millennia. Today, we are constantly rediscovering access to this knowledge, and can thus enter into a relationship with the ‘invisible’ to help our consciousness evolve.

Here, a path of energetic harmonisation, the result of an alliance with the particular forces of nature, linked to the Earth, the Sky, the Earth, Water, Air, Fire… inscribed here by Vincent Givord, geobiologist, invites you to a time of ‘cleansing’ and balancing of the subtle bodies, as well as clarification of the emotions and the mind. Free access.

« Calme is to be had in abundance. The farmhouse is surrounded by forested parkland and the 12 rooms are furnished with pinewood tables and rough-luxe fabrics (virgin wool, alpaca, leather…). »

(Travel + Leisure)

The very flavour of the ecolodge is to invite you to reconnect with nature.
Nature? High plateaux and wide open spaces will make you feel protected, in conjunction with our deep desire to make you feel more aware and sensitive towards Nature.

Isn’t connecting with the land the final link in the soul of an ecolodge, reminiscent of African farms and their highly naturalistic approach ?
Our ultimate wish, for absolute luxury: to make you feel and understand deep inside how close nature brings us to our own human nature… while reconnecting us with our inner child.

Would you like to live this transformative experience?
We have a very special offer for your first stay, upon subscribing to our newsletter.

  • Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, except during school holidays.
  • Available for stays only (minimum 2 nights).
  • Pets are not allowed in order to preserve these wild spaces.